The blue agave


the blue agave the project of husband and wife team Andy Abad and Stephanie Amaro. Andy is a professor of Pop Music at USC and a renowned studio and touring guitarist who's played and recorded with a ton of artists from Juan Gabriel to J-Lo. Stephanie Amaro is a Latin Grammy Nominated artist who spent years in LA's traditional mariachi scene. She's been backup for a wide range of artists as well, from Cyndi Lauper to Natalia La Fourcade, and is member of the pioneer mariachi fusion group Trio Ellas.

The Blue Agave is a reflection of personal musical whimsy. Combining elements of dark surf, boleros, rancheras, flamenco, and rock, The Blue Agave is truly a unique musical product that can only have been spawned in the City of Angels. 


Vocals, Mariachi Guitar / Stephanie Amaro
Electric Guitars / Andy Abad ● Percussion / Pete Korpela
Bass / Dante Pascuzzo ● Drums / Craig Macintyre


Photo: Vivian Martin

Photo: Vivian Martin


The Blue Agave

by The Blue Agave

2012 Debut Album